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Craft" Professions: Find out more about the careers available in construction - Build Your Future Careers in Construction." External links edit. Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association. What is a Rigger? -, by Toolwell. Subpart CC - Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Qualified Rigger - OSHA - 2010.
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Rigger entertainment, those who tend rigging in stage performance theater, film, concert, etc. Rigger industry, specializing in moving large/heavy objects such as logs. Bondage rigger, one who ties up others primarily as an art form. One who sets up a racing shell in the sport of rowing.
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Riggers give hand signals to cranes that fly the material through the air. Contrary to popular 'urban' belief'' that riggers take it up the ass, I think if you tried to mount a true rigger, you would find a nice piece of red iron sitting where your front seat used to be.
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160515; rig er 1. Examples of rigger in a sentence. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. I" have setup expenses-hire a rigger and put in a system to filter the water in the tank. Elmore Leonard TISHOMINGO BLUES 2002.
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Teesside Rigging Lifting MD Steve Smith said: We" are delighted that Sulzer have taken on some of our lads as rigger improvers and have given them the opportunity to gain valuable onsite experience they need to enable them to work towards their level 3 qualifications.

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